LOCKED FORD'S NO PROBLEM WE CAN UNLOCK All Visteon Based Ford Stereos can be Decoded and Unlocked this is a service which the Ford dealers can not offer, you do not need to buy another radio we will sort it out for you.
Navigation Unit Decoded
Vin Coded
Immo Coded
Car Radio Repairs
We do car Radio Equipment repairs


Below is an overview of our services and solutions JD Radio Decoding provides. At JD Radio Decoding, we have been serving Local, National and International customers with Car Radio Decoding and repair service since 1985. And our aim is to provide the same convenient, quality service which has made us leader in Radio Decoding industry, using the latest Decoding and Programming equipment. As we are the pioneers in Radio Decoding Service leading the way as the rest follow the leader.

Radio's can be decoded While-U-Wait if required.

If at anytime, while you are browsing through our service section and you have a question related to any of services don't hesitate to call us or email us by Contact Us button.

Radio codes can also be supplied by serial numbers of the some radio's or if you prefare you can send your radio by secured post and they will be returned in the same manner.








Latest Nissan LCN & LCN2 Navigation units Coded & Re-coded


VW Audi RNS 510 screen faults repaired



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